Huile Prodigieuse® Or Florale

Huile Prodigieuse® Or Florale

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Discover the iconic Huile Prodigieuse® Florale cocktail of 7 precious 100% botanical origin oils in a golden ‘Or’ version. This shimmering dry oil with natural-origin pearly particles infuses all skin types and skin tones with an irresistible iridescent pink-gold glow. It moisturizes, gives a satin feel and illuminates the face, body and hair in a single step. Your skin looks more beautiful, soft and silky, with no oily finish. Its effectiveness is proven: after the 1st application, skin feels satiny smooth and looks more beautiful for 95% of users(1). Its texture with an inimitable dry touch is available in a dropper bottle. With each application, the uplifting floral notes of this oil will enchant your senses with its sparkling and luminous waves. (1) Usage test - 21 volunteers. Satisfaction % immediately after the 1st application
Soft, more comfortable skin for
of users after 28 days (2)
Delicately scented skin for
of users after 1st application (1)
Satin-smooth, sublimated skin for
of users after 1st application (1)
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