Nuxe Sun solar products protect your skin during exposure. Their escape scent dresses it with an irresistible wake.
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    Our solar protections

    Exposing yourself to the sun offers a beautiful tan and makes it possible to synthesize vitamin D essential for bone health but also the immune system. However, to enjoy these benefits, you have to know how to protect your skin from the dangers of UV rays. Find out how to choose sun protection suitable for your skin to savor your holidays.

    How to choose sun protection adapted to your skin type?
    Two criteria must consider it when choosing your sun protection: your phototype and the level of sunshine during your exposure.

    Skins very sensitive to the sun
    You must imperatively wear UVA-UVB sun protection with a SPF 50. It is also recommended to avoid exposing yourself when the intensity of the sunshine is high or very high.

    Sensitive sun skins
    If the sunshine is really low, SPF 30 can be enough. As soon as the UVA UVB rays are of moderate intensity, turn to SPF 50 sun protection.

    Intermediate skins
    SPF 30 sun protection will suffice when the intensity of UVA and UVB is low to moderate. When it increases, switch to a cream with a SPF 50. It is essential as soon as the sun strikes hard.

    Fairly resistant skins
    A protection index 10 will allow you to deal with low to moderate sunshine. When the UVA-UVB rays gain in intensity, turn to a SPF 30 so as not to have sunburn. Nothing prevents you from using SPF 30 or 50 sunscreen for reinforced protection.

    What are the different types of sunscreen?

    Solar creams are first classified by level of protection:

    • SPF 6 and 10: Low sun protection.
    • SPF 15, 20 or 25: average protection.
    • SPF 30 or 50: high protection.
    • SPF of 50+: Very high protection.

    The Nuxe laboratory has developed a patented filter complex offering wide UVA/UVB spectrum protection. Our range of solar protections prevents premature skin photo-aging, limits the appearance of spots and sublime tanning. All Nuxe Sun solar care formulas are non -toxic for sea ecosystem. We offer different textures for a tailor-made sensory experience:

    The melting sunscreen
    Developed for the face, it exists in SPF 30 and SPF 50. It hydrates and penetrates quickly without leaving traces.

    Solar milk melting
    You can apply it on the face and body. It is offered with a protection index 30 or 50. It slides on the skin and leaves a sublimating satin effect of tanning.

    Delicious solar spray
    This solar spray available with a SPF 30 or 50 diffuses an ultra-light formula on the skin. She does not stick and does not leave a fatty finish.

    Light fluid
    Take advantage of a high SPF 50 protection imperceptible with this light, non -greasy and non -sticky formulation.

    Sunbathing oil
    For the face or for the body, this SPF 10, 30 or 50 sun protection nourishes the skin. It penetrates quickly without leaving a fatty film.

    Hair Milky Oil
    It was formulated to protect the hair from UV rays but also salt and chlorine. It hydrates while protecting your color. It is not suitable for an application on the body or hair.

    To complete the protective action of your solar products, think about post exhibition care. The Nuxe Sun after-sun shower shampoo allows you to rid the hair and skin of the residues of protective filters, salt, chlorine and sand. Then apply the milk freshness milk in face and body to hydrate and repair the skin while prolonging the tan.

    Why should you protect yourself from the sun with a cream?
    Each sun exposure represents a health risk. The sun's radiation is made up of UVA and UVB. The first, the most numerous, penetrate deep into the skin. They cause damage in its lower layers. The intensity of UVB increases over the day and impacts the surface layer of the epidermis. Without a suitable SPF and a rigorous application of your sunscreen, you expose yourself to:

    • Sunburns.
    • Premature skin aging.
    • The appearance of pigment tasks.

    So that the sun remains a pleasure, avoid exposing yourself between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. Also remember to put yourself in the shade as soon as possible and/or wear a hat to limit the risk of insolation.

    How many times should you apply sun protection?
    Surxposure to the sun is a real threat to the health and beauty of the skin. On vacation, in your garden, on the terrace or in the mountains: always apply suitable sun protection before exposing yourself. Renew the application both for the hours and systematically after sweating, you are bathed or suffered. Be generous.A because if you do not apply enough product, the level of your sun protection will be considerably reduced. By choosing the Nuxe Sun care, you will make this gesture essential for health for an instant beauty bewitching. Sweet orange, tiare and vanilla flower mingle to adorn the skin with scent inviting to escape with each application.

    It is essential to protect your skin with each sun exposure. UV rays can cause sunburn, cause irreversible damage to your health and considerably accelerate skin aging. Thanks to sun protection adapted to your phototype and the intensity of the UVA and UVB rays, you will really enjoy sunny days.

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